Life insurance is one of the most important coverages a person can have. It protects the ones you love most. Life insurance is often disregarded, life as a trucker is very busy and life insurance can take some time to get the policy fully set up. Our protection specialists will be able to quote you with multiple insurance companies finding you the best coverage and price. Don’t put it off, protect your loved ones with getting life insurance.

We made this video explaining life insurance, check it out!

We have multiple insurance companies that we work with to get life insurance coverage for our clients. If you are young, the best time to purchase your life insurance policy is NOW!

Policies We Offer:

Term Life Insurance: This policy would pay a death benefit if the person insured dies within a specific period of time or before the insured person reaches a certain age. Your beneficiary would receive a lump sum pre-arranged amount of money if you were to die. A policy is usually in place for period of time, either 10 or 20 years.
Whole Life Insurance: This policy is a permanent policy meaning it is in place for life. As long as you keep paying premiums, your beneficiary will receive the benefit amount if you were to die.
Universal Life Insurance: This policy is one of the more flexible life policies. There are two parts to this policy, insurance and investment. After you have paid your insurance premiums, the rest of the money goes to a policy’s investment part where the money goes toward and investment of your choice.

Life insurance can be complicated, get a quote online and one of our licensed agents will call you to explain the details.

We found that truckers had a hard time with life insurance underwriting, so we started to offer GUARANTEED LIFE INSURANCE. This policy does not ask medical questions and is guaranteed coverage.


“Only one time I had to use the coverage, it was good, you did everything you were supposed to do. I’ve had the coverage for a long time, and appreciate the work you do.”
- Edward R.