Each province is unique in their laws about opting out of workers' compensation as an owner-operator. Ontario and Alberta are 2 provinces which allow an owner-operator to opt out of paying WCB or WSIB, and purchase an alternative policy for cheaper and better coverage. Our WSIB alternative disability policy is specifically designed for the for a Canadian owner-operator or driver. Unlike the workers’ compensation policy, our policy will cover you 24/7 while you are on or off the job! If you are an independent owner-operator, this coverage is the perfect fit for you. Whether you are looking to save on your monthly costs or get better coverage, our policy is here to help. Drivers who want to ‘top up’ their provincial workers’ compensation love this policy as an option too.

Highlights of this Policy:

Weekly Benefit – If you become disabled due to an accidental injury and you’re unable to work, this policy will provide you with weekly income until you are healthy again.
AD&D – Accident death and dismemberment coverage is included with this policy.
Permanent & Total Disability Lump Sum – If you become permanently or totally disabled, we will pay a lump sum amount.
Critical Illness – Payment in the event of you being diagnosed with cancer (life threatening), coma, heart attack, kidney failure, severe burns and stroke.

Coverage Options: 

Weekly Benefits From $400 to $1,000 per week
Accidental Death & Dismemberment From $100,000 to $500,000
Permanent & Total Disability From $100,000 to $500,000
Accident Medical  $110,000
Critical Illness $5,000
Soft Tissue Benefits 30, 60, 75 or 90 days

Optional coverage for weekly benefits to age 70 and sickness coverage are available:



What if you suffer a long-term disability slipping off your truck just once? This policy offers optional coverage that provides you with weekly benefits until age 70.


What if you suffer a disability due to sickness? Receiving income after an event like that gives great peace of mind. Our policy offers optional coverage that provides you weekly benefits for disability due to sickness.


Do you want access to sickness coverage and life insurance without medical underwriting? We offer optional coverage that provides long term protection for disability as well as life insurance.


If you are age 70-75 NTL offers disability insurance to cover you for on-the-job injuries.

First Payor:

This policy protects your commercial trucking policy by being the first payor before your commercial auto policy. This prevents claims going on your commercial policy, allowing your rates to stay low with confidence in your renewals. We insure commercial trucking policies and WSIB Alternative – disability insurance. Our team of trucking experts works together with the insurance policies allowing your trucking operations to grow safely while having preferrable insurance rates year over year.


“I tore my rotator cuff while in Houston, Texas and drove home in extreme pain. I called National Truck League when I returned home and am grateful that they looked after my claim while I had surgery and recuperated.
Without National Truck League I would have suffered financial duress and would not have been able to continue operating my business.”
-David L.