Travel Medical Emergency policies are one of the most important coverages your fleet should have. If your fleet has drivers going out of your home province, not all of your healthcare expenses will be covered even within Canada. American hospitals are known to have high bills attached to them. National Truck League offers a policy to protect your drivers traveling out of province with added benefits specifically for the Canadian trucking industry. With this policy, the insurance company will work directly with the hospital and the provincial health care plan to get the bills paid.

Highlights of our policy:

$5,000,000 Coverage – Our travel policy covers up to $5,000,000 for an out of province Travel Medical Emergency
Unlimited Trips Per Year – this policy does not limit you to the amount of trips you can take out of province
Flexible Day Options – You can choose how many consecutive days you need coverage for
Cargo Delivery Benefit – Coverage for airfare, accommodations and meals for a driver to continue your scheduled trip, deliver your cargo and return your truck to your home province.
Truck Return Benefit – Coverage to have your truck returned to your home province.
Truck Protection Benefit – Coverage to have your truck parked in a secure lot or hire a private security firm to protect your truck.

Coverage Options:

Out of Province Travel Medical Emergency $5,000,000
Allowed Trips Per Year No Limit
Trip Duration Options 15-45 days
Cargo Delivery Benefit $7,500
Truck Return Benefit $7,500
Truck Protection Benefit $1,500

Don’t risk getting large hospital bills out of your home province without Travel Medical Emergency coverage!


“I have been with you guys for a long time and things have been perfect! I was in the hospital in Missouri a few years back in intensive care for seven days and you guys took care of everything. I didn’t have to worry about anything.”
- Richard R.