National Truck League is dedicated exclusively to the Canadian trucking industry. We partner with trucking companies to protect their trucks, their drivers, owner-operators and their profits. We are proud to say we call every one of our truck driver and owner-operator customers every year to check in on their life and make sure their coverage is still keeping up with them. 

We are also proud to have helped the teams of large trucking companies by offering solutions that help protect their business and drivers to a degree that no other company in Canada can. We are widely known for our cost-effective Workers’ Compensation alternatives, and we were the first company to develop customer insurance products for Owner-Operators with the best prices. 

One of our core values is Riding Shotgun. We picture ourselves in the passenger seat of our clients’ trucks making sure they are fully safe and protected while hauling important Canadian freight. We want our customers to know we understand how valuable they are in moving the Canadian economy forward while also understanding the unique lifestyle as a trucker.

We are national and are proud to say we have clients in every province in Canada.