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How Truckers Can Help Fight Human Trafficking

Sadly, highways are a very common area for human trafficking to take place. Highways are a truckers office, their workplace, their operational area. Truckers are being called everyday to be trained on how to spot human trafficking and report it properly in Canada or America using the resources available to them. Large Canadian trucking carriers will include this human trafficking training in their onboarding schedule for new drivers to their company. Some individual owner-operators get trained out of the goodness of their heart.

NTL will always encourage the Canadian trucking industry to ensure they are trained to spot human trafficking.
There are two organizations that have put together training programs for drivers to learn how to identify human trafficking on North American highways. You can implement this training at your fleet while onboarding new drivers or watch these training videos as a single owner-operator.

  1. Truckers Against Trafficking
  2. Womens Trucking Federation of Canada - Know Human Trafficking

Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline: 833-900-1010.
United States Human Trafficking Hotline: 888-373-7888